[FEEL] in/out 2016: memories x movements

Aaken is now in Saigon to develop the second edition of [FEEL] in/out which will be entitled memories x movements, in partnership with French Vietnamese choreographer Sébastien Ly and his company Kerman and the Saigon based company Arabesque.
As for the first edition of [FEEL] in/out last year, memories x movements will gather local artists from various horizons, dancers, musicians, film makers and photographers to create an art event at Ecole Colette, an old French school from the colonial times located in the third district. The place will be turned into an art space, where the audience will be invited to discover freely.
International artists will also be part of the project, including Hoho Lin from Taiwan, Ronalds Mezmacs from Latvia, Marie Christine Courtès, Stéphane Ly Cuong and Florian Nguyen from France, Yves Schiepek from Germany and Choncy Shu x Sean Wong Gaffney from the USA.

The theme is ‘memory’.

memories x movements will be a one shot event, on December 3rd 2016

More information as the project develops!

Ecole Colette Ecole Colette 2 Ecole Colette 3




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