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As Aaken is working on his third solo album, We Were (t)Here, here’s an overview of his work as a singer-songwriter.

An on the piano II


“Whereas ‘Circlesong’ was about the long and meandering road toward self discovery, ‘Hyperbody’ was more like a detailed observation of what was in me and outside me. The songs connected to more personal issues. I had left my home city of Paris to start anew in Asia, namely in Taipei. Away from my family, my friends, my familiarity. To get back to my roots but living a totally ‘virgin’ life. In terms of identity, everything had to be reviewed, questioned, reassessed, cleansed, adapted, recycled. Just like the music. Whence the title hyperbody!”

(click on the song titles in bold letters to listen!)

1.   Being Human (a minor inconvenience)
2.   Pop!
3.   Don’t be koi
4.   Pandemonium
5.   Nothing comes to light
6.   Bear me safely over
7.   Running wild
8.   I aim
9.   Battle of wits
10. Who we be
11.  The blessing
12.  Tiến không lời (feat. Tâm Qùy)
13.  Son shine

Musicians: Aaken: lead vocals, piano, harpsichord, rhode, synths, electronics, bass, string arrangements, percussion, beatboxing, drums and programming | Koji Yoda: violin | Alex Cheung: violin & string arrangement on 6 | Stephen Houser: cello | Christophe Boissière: cello | Allen Yeh: erhu | Wendy Wan, Alice Lin: violins | Julia Chen: viola | Pei-Yian Wei: cello | Khánh Tưởng: flute |  Pascal Vaucel: guitar | Lucien Zerrad: guitar | Kraig McCreary: guitar | Bob Lizik: bass | Himan Nath: tablas | Larry Beers: drums | Josh Gary: drums | ChingYao Chen: backing vocals on 6 | Satoshi Nakagawa: spoken vocals on 7 | Tâm Qùy: spoken vocals on 12 | Isabelle Thomas: soprano & backing vocals on 13 | Jan Dark: guitar & backing vocals | Ray Shih-Hsien Tung: beatboxing, backing vocals on 10 |

Written, produced and arranged by Aaken | 2, 4, 9  written by Aaken & Bibbe Hansen | 11 written by Aaken & Devon Ingram |
Engineered and recorded by Micky Yang (ArchiMusic, Taipei), Jon Smith (The Retro Room, Chicago) and Aaken (Flying Home Studio, Paris & Taipei)
Photography: Mathieu Thoisy | Artwork: Aaken

Aaken - Hyperbody


CIRCLESONG (2005) | swatt record

“It was my singing teacher, Julia Pelaez who encouraged me to work on a solo project. Until then, I had mostly written for others. Circlesong was like seeds in a garden. I would watch them grow without knowing what kind of plant or flower they would become. It was a great way to learn about the musician I was to turn into.”

(Click on the song titles in bold letters to listen!)

1.   Một ngày như mọi ngày
2.   Love and long (thương nhớ ai)
3.   Goovy
4.   Ma-hat-nha-ba-la-mat-đa (Prayer)
5.   Hell Fire
6.   Whirlwind
7.   Nachtreise
8.   Ta thấy em
9.   Healing
10. Hôm qua
11. Second Breath
12. Un-me

Musicians: Aaken: vocals, piano, synths, programming, drums, percussions & extra beats | Christophe Boissière: cello | Nima Tagnadossi: viola | Christophe Saunière: harp | Charlie Beklen: guitar | Aurélien Aries (from Underwire): guitar | Yuka Annaka (from Anmitsu): shamisen on 10| Rémy Chatton: bass | Himan Nath: tablas | Microthol: electronics, synths and programming | Musoso Akwesi: drums | Kumi Kindaichi (from Anmitsu): vocals on 11| Haïm Isaac, Jean-Marc Colet, Matias Chebel & Daniel Bourgy: choir on 9 |

Written, produced and arranged by Aaken | 1 & 8 written by Trịnh Công Sơn | 6 & 11 written by Aaken & Lara Arabian | 5 written by Aaken & Devon Ingram |  11 written by Aaken, Lara Arabian & Allon Conway | 3 & 4 produced by Aaken & Microthol
Engineered and recorded by Rémy Chatton (Studio de la Roquette, Paris), Michel Sikiotakis (Oscillo Studio, Paris), Microthol (Microthol Studio, Vienna), Kazumusa Matsui (Studio ‘Rain Drop’ Hz Inc, Tokyo) & Aaken (Flying Home Studio, Paris & London) | Edited and mixed by Rémy Chatton
Photography: Philippe Fontaine | Artwork: Aaken




“Fukaeri is the main character from Haruki Murakami’s novel 1Q84. She has talent for writing, but she needs the help of someone else to realise her book. That’s what was happening for Bévinda and me. It started with O Verão. I had the music but no words. So I asked her. A couple of years later, I asked her again: I had an already orchestrated piece of music, so we ended up penning the words and the melody together. That paved the way to our collaboration. Whenever she would have melodic fragments, she would call me and we would work on them together, she providing the lyrics and I, the music.  She and he, old and new, East and West.” 

Boa Viagem Ja Fui copie Brothers copie Meu Goloso II copie Voguer dehors I copie O verao copie



as composer / producer / arranger

(2010) (Composer / Arranger)


(2000) (Composer / Arranger)


“Côté musiques, les arrangements du compositeur- pianiste An Ton That, résolument modernes, apportent un soutien puissant et rythmé aux textes de Michèle” | Chant’Essone


MICHELE ATLANI | SANS TITRE (1998) (Composer / Arranger)

Michele Atlani - Sans Titre

(click on the title in bold letters to listen!)

  1. Sans Titre
  2. Les Pieds dans le Même Sabot

(1997) (Piano /Arranger on The Burning After Hours)

Haim Isaacs - The Bastard's Paradise

contribution / compilation

Song: Một ngày như mọi ngày)
Album compiled and produced by Damien Brachet | Pschent Records | 2014

Asia Deep

Song: WHO WE BE | Album produced by Abhi Ken | iFusion Records | 2010

Haiti - We're here for you

Songs: JE M’AIME & OH OUI, AH OUI (remixes) | Black Diamond Records | 2009

Megumi Satsu - Après ma Mort


SCENT OF GREEN PAPAYA | Soundtrack (played the piano) | Milan East | 1993

Odeur de la Papaye Verte

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