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Tôn-Thất An in performance… | Saigon Music Conservatory | Saigon, April 21, 2015

First performance in Vietnam, organised by the Saigon Music Conservatory and Arabesque Dance company to introduce Tôn-Thất An and his work to the audience.
The event included a performance of Spring X (I hear and I forget) his most recent chamber piece for alto saxophone, violin and piano, a presentation of Nocturne, a new stage piece for two speakers, 5 dancers and music inspired by poems by Hàn Mặc Tử. The 5 dancers from Arabesque also performed from their show The Mist, which was based on the song Ma-ha-bat-nha-ba-la-mat-da, from the first album Circlesong.

Banner 2 Dancers 2 Fazioli HMT 6 HMT Dancers 4 Dancers 8 Loc and Ly Playing SPRING Prayer 2 Prayer 4 An et Thi An playing the piano - Saigon 2015

AND THE MOUNTAIN SAID… | National Concert Hall | Taipei, September 28 2014

Allen Yeh: erhu | Emily Chang: cello | Jen Yi Kung: cello | An Tôn Thât: piano

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And the Mountain Said - Concert Day - Allen and An And the Mountain Said - Concert Day - Allen backstage And the Mountain Said - Concert Day - on the TV screen And the Mountain Said - Concert Day - Rehearsal An and Emily And the Mountain Said - Concert Day Allen And the Mountain Said - Concert Day An dans la loge And the Mountain Said - Concert Day Cello II


DOUBLE YELLOW LINE | Internationale Tanzmesse, Schauspielhaus | Düsseldorf, August 30 2014

Performers | Huang Yi, Hu Chien & Tôn Thât An

DYL - HY HC An DYL - Huang Yi & Hu Chien DYL - Huang Yi DYL - Hu Chien DYL - Piano scene DYL - On the stage DYL - HY and HC at the piano DYL - HC and HY DYL - An at the piano DYL - An and HY Düsseldorf Huang Yi in program

| National Theatre | Taipei, September 27-30 2012

Performers | Huang Yi, Hu Chien & Tôn Thât An

《Double Yellow Lines》_20130509-17270272 《Double Yellow Lines》_20130509-17313779 《Double Yellow Lines》_20130509-17361195 《Double Yellow Lines》_20130509-17394637 《Double Yellow Lines》_20130509-17400016 《Double Yellow Lines》_20130509-17321351


WINTERREISE | Taipei National University of the Arts | Taipei, April 13-15 2012

Choreography | Zhang Xiao Xiong
Music | Franz Schubert
Ching Yao Chen: baritone | Tôn Thât An: piano

Winterreise II Winterreise I Winterreise III Winterreise IV Winterreise V Winterreise VI Winterreise VII


HYPERBODY | La Bellevilloise | Paris, April 15th 2010

Aaken: vocal, piano | Jan Dark: guest vocalist, piano | Bévinda: guest vocalist | Koji Yoda: violin | Christophe Boissière: cello | Rémi Chatton: guitar, bass | Vincent Le Nohan: drums

Hyperbody-concert-poster-II 100415aaken07s 100415aaken17s Aaken-bellevilloise Aaken---La-Bellevilloise-2 Aaken---La-Bellevilloise-3 La Bellevilloise - 2010 La Bellevilloise II - 2010

CIRCLESONG | Café de la Danse | Paris, October 7th 2006

Aaken: vocal, piano | Bévinda: guest vocalist | Jan Dark: piano, backing vocals | Christophe Boissière: cello | Rémi Chatton: guitar, bass | Philippe Foch: tablas, percussion | Musoso Akwesi: drums | Simon Williams, Kristina Berger, Nikola Müller, Xiao Chu Hsu, Tao Tan: dancers

Aaken Café de la danse II 2006 Aaken - Café de la Danse 6 Aaken - Café de la Danse 7 Aaken - Café de la Danse 8 Aaken - Café de la Danse 9 Aaken - Café de la Danse 5 Aaken - Café de la Danse 4 Aaken - Café de la Danse 3 Aaken - Café de la Danse 1


CIRCLESONG | Café de la Danse | Paris, October 10th 2005

Aaken: vocals, piano | Christophe Boissière: cello | Manon Ballu: viola | Jan Dark: piano | Vanessa Sanfilippo: piano | Rémi Chatton: bass | Musoso Akwesi: drums | Lara Arabian: speaker | Simon Williams, Haïm Isaacs, Jean Marc Collet: backing vocals | Kristina Berger: dancer |
Lian Hong & Damien Brachet: video projections

Aaken @ Cafe de la Danse 2005 An-2 Mouss Remy-&-Mouss



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