SHINY HEART / DIRTY MIND | The music video

Finally, after nearly 10 months of preparation, planning, shooting, editing, mixing, fine-tuning, and lots of patience, the music video I have directed!

Watch Shiny Heart/Dirty Mind

I wanted to do a little homage to the film noir, albeit made in Asia. The idea came to me when I read the lyrics by Bibbe Hansen, even before I set the words to music. I envisioned an MV about this woman, a kind of femme fatale that the camera would follow the whole day. Then it developed into this film noir fantasy about a private detective who stalks a mysterious woman and can’t get her out of his mind.
As in films noirs, the music video takes place during night time. There is this obsessed private eye, the elusive woman in black, light and shadow, city at night (and a confusing plot!)

Ah Bu Lai, Emily Chang, An Ton That, Bibbe Hansen, Choncy Shu, Kaiya Tzu, Billy Kuo & Dabbie Chen

Directed by An Ton That
Cinematography: Zed Wang
Assistant director: Aurélien Jégou
New York unit director: Sean Carillo
Editing: Aurélien Jégou & Stephanie SW Chen
Light: Choncy Shu
Make up: Anna Tian
Hair: Ruby Lou
Still Photography: An Ton That

Lyrics: Bibbe Hansen
Music: Aaken



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