Thuy Design House | Vietnam Fashion Week 2017

Aaken has just finished the music which will accompany the upcoming fashion show by Thuy Design House during the International Vietnam Fashion Show.

Born and raised in Ha Noi, Thuy has been educated to become a role model of Vietnamese women. At young age, she moved to Ukraine, where she studied Masters of Fine Arts. Simultaneously, she has opportunities to connect to the high-end fashion industry. Largely self-taught with no formal fashion training, She’s actually spent more time working in art, even achieving some acclaim as a painter. Like an artist working with raw materials, the textures and fabrics used are paramount. Everything is handpicked, meaning only the most beautiful textiles end up as part of her creations.
The story of THUY DESIGN HOUSE is slightly different from other designers’ brands. Thuy has never been trained in any Fashion Institution. Most of her time has been spent to work with art and she has gained some achievements as a painter.
Opening the first store in those rainy days in 2011, by colorific designs, reminding of the youth, the beauty and the charm of the women, THUY DESIGN HOUSE was soon becoming a popular and familiar location to shop of fashion conscious customers in the South of Vietnam.

Scheduled date for the show is on April 2nd, 2017
Visit Thuy’s website (click on link to open new window):
Thuy Design House



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