Stage Works


Concept, Light & Choreography | Jo Kanamori
Music | Tôn Thât An
Performer | Sawako Iseki Kanamori

Musicians for the recording | Tôn Thât An, piano, percussion, vocals | Emily Chang, cello | Christophe Boissière, cello | Isabelle Thomas, soprano | Masakazu Saito, harp | Nicolas Caffin, voice.

Opening on December 15, 2017 at the Ryutopia Performing Arts Center, Niigata, Japan

[FEEL] in / out memories x movements (2016)

Artistic director | Tôn Thât An & Sébastien Ly
Kerman Project manager | Sylvie Becquet
Scenography & Technical Advisor | Patrick Wong Mui
Choreography Assistant to Sébastien Ly | Le Thi Mai Anh
Presenter | Institut Français, Cie Kerman
Partners | Arabesque, Quynh Gallery, The Factory,  HBSO Company – Opera, Dance Center, Trường Múa TP HCM, GOC.
Venue | Ecole Colette

Opening on November 26th, 2016, at the Ecole Colette, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

“memories x movements is the result of the artistic colaboration bewteen choreographer Sébastien Ly and composer Tôn Thât An. Their common taste for site specific performance and mixed arts brought them to envision this unique event.

In the actual exhibition spaces, dancers will perform several times in the course of the evening (4 hours), allowing visitors to enjoy the experience at their own pace.

This four hour long event is an open, artistic and aesthetic journey, with no beginning nor end. It is a metaphor of our relationship to memory, there always, but waiting to be recalled. Each member of the audience can thus create his / her own unique personal experience.”

To view the detailed program, click on the link below to open an new tab

[FEEL] in / out memories x movements – Program Details



[FEEL] in / out (2015)

Artistic director / curator | Tôn Thât An
Project manager | Bao Lê Trân
Presenter | Arabesque Dance Company
Venue | Lê Thanh Theatre (Arabesque Studio)
Opening on December 25th 2015, at the Le Thanh Theatre, Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

FEEL in out - Flyer 6

Watch the trailers:

AD +++
Artistic direction / music / staging | Tôn Thât An
Costumes | Chuong Dang
Choreography | John Huy Trân
Video directed by Tôn Thât An
Editor | Yves Schiepek & Tôn Thât An
Bamboo Flute | Trân Thiên Lâm
Performers | Chika Tatsumi, Hai Duy Lê, Tuân An Phan, Xuân Thao Pham, Pham Duong Quynh Ly

AD+++ by Tan
[FEEL] in / out: AD+++ [FEEL] in / out: AD+++ Hai Duy Le

[FEEL] in / out: AD+++ [FEEL] in / out: AD+++  [FEEL] in / out: AD+++ [FEEL] in / out: AD+++

[FEEL] in / out: AD+++ Hai Duy Le [FEEL] in / out: AD+++
[FEEL] in out - AD+++ [FEEL] in / out - Lam


Choreography / artistic direction / scenography | Anh Khoa Minh
Music | Tôn Thât An
Light | Quoc Khoa
Performers | Anh Khoa Minh, Pham Duong Quynh Ly, Tang Phi Phung

[FEEL] in / out: Back [FEEL] in / out: Back [FEEL] in / out: Back

Room (video installation)
Art direction | Tôn Thât An
Music | Vivaldi recomposed by Max Richter  (Spring)
Light | Patrick Wong Mui
Photography | Stan Copperband
Space | Chuong Dang
Performers | Dao Thuy Thuy Vân & Nguyen Huu Thuân
Filming & editing | Tôn Thât An

[FEEL] in / out: Room [FEEL] in / out: Room [FEEL] in / out: Room [FEEL] in / out: Room

Choreography | Chika Tatsumi & Tran Van Thinh
Music | Tôn Thât An
Song Kawaita Sabaku | Manami M.
Video & editing | Tôn Thât An

[FEEL] in / out: Seeking [FEEL] in / out: Seeking [FEEL] in / out: Seeking

Wabi (film)
Directed by Ronalds Mezmacs

Ron Mezmacs - Wabi

Directed by Ronalds Meznacs

Ron Mezmacs - Drift

[MOON] (Trăng)
Artistic direction | Tôn Thât An
Poems | Han Mac Tu
French translation | Tâm Qùy
Music | Tôn Thât An / Franz Schubert
Speakers | Tôn Thât An, Anh Thu
Bamboo Flute | Trân Thien Lâm
Dancers | Dao Thuy Thuy Vân, Nguyen Huu Thuan, Hai Duy Lê, Nguyen Nhu Quynh, Tran Vân Thing & Anh Khoa Minh

An - MOON An (2)Han Mac Tu - poem Anh Khoa 3 Anh Khoa

My Left Hand (Video installation)
Painting & Video | Hoang Nam Viet
Video Editing | Tôn Thât An
Music | Tôn Thât An

My Left Hand

Amerasians (Photography)
Photography | Rémy Gastambide

Remy Gastambide - flyer

Art direction & Choreography | Doan Vu Minh Thư, Nguyen Như Quynh & Pham Thi Hong Sâm
Music | Tôn Thât An

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA [FEEL] in / out: 'Thu' [FEEL] in / out: 'Thu' [FEEL] in / out: 'Thu'

Where we are (Video installation)
Art direction & Music | Tôn Thât An
Filming and Editing | Yves Schiepek
Additional contributors | Zed Wang, Adrian Feng, Ronalds Mezmacs & Ton That An
Music | Tôn Thât An

[FEEL] in / out: Where we are

[FEEL] in / out: Where we are

Project 999 (Video mapping + animation)
Artist | Trân Nguyen Trung Tin
Video mapping | Cao Hoang Long
Performers | Tran Nguyen Trung Tin & Xuân Ha
Music | Magic Pinion

Feel in out - Flyer Video mapping Project 999

Dim (Fog)
Artistic direction | Dao Thuy Thuy Vân & Nguyen Huu Thuân
Music | Tôn Thât An
Video & editing | Tôn Thât An
[FEEL] in / out: 'Dim' [FEEL] in / out: 'Dim'

[FEEL] in / out: 'Dim'

[FEEL] in / out is the materialisation of a project I have had in mind for many years. To use an old building and turn it into a living space, with art, music, dance, film and multi media. When Nguyen Tan Loc, the director of Arabesque asked me to do their annual Open Space project, I came out with this idea of using their rehearsal studio, an old theatre from the 60’s in 5th district of Saigon, into an open art space. The idea was to use the two floors for the performance, as well as the corridors and other rooms. I shared my ideas with the dancers and sent them music. Once in Saigon, I quickly was introduced to many young artists who immediately accepted to join the project.
The final result was just the beginning of an exciting adventure… The audience really loved and responded very positively. A large group of children stayed focused and captivated during the 3 hours, some people even came back the next day!
Of course the idea isn’t new from the Western point of view. But it was a first in Vietnam. I feel that the young generation of artists is now ready to bring some changes and life to the city. I will come back and develop more projects. For now, [FEEL] in / out  will have its second edition in November 2016!


OBJECTS 物 – work in progress showing (2015)

Choreography, Artistic Direction | Huang Yi
Technical Coordinator | Ou Yen-ku
Music | Ton That An
Performance Coach – King Chin
Producer | Yukio Niita
Executive Producer | Chen Yu-Chun
Presenter | National Theatre / Dancing in Autumn
Performers | Huang Yi, Hu Chien, Chen Wei-An, Lin Jou-Wen

Premiere on December 3rd 2015 at the National Theatre, Taipei.

Watch trailer

Objects - Flyer



Choreography, Production, Concept, Artistic Direction | Huang Yi
Music | Tôn Thât An
Costumes | Yang Yu-Teh
Video Installation | Ryuichi Kurokawa
Lighting | Ou YenKu
Kuka Technical Adviser | Lin In-Wen
Presenter | National Theatre for the Innovation Series

Performers | Huang Yi, Hu Chien, Chen Wei-An, Lin Jou-Wen

Premiere on May 28th 2014 at the National Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

More details on Huang Yi’s website (click below to open page)Huang Yi Studio +

Watch a digest of ‘Special Order’:





Choreography | Huang Yi
Music | Tôn Thât An / Johann Sebastian Bach
Costumes | Lin Yen-Jung
Lighting Design | Ou Yen-Ku
Installation Design | Li Po-Ting
Presented by CloudGate 2 for the Spring Riot 2014 Tour

Performers | Chen Li-ya, Liao Chin-ting , Ronelson P. Yadao, Lee Yin-ying, Wang Yeu-kwn,
Su I-chieh,  Luo Sih-wei, Yang Ling-kai,  Wu Jui-ying

Premiere on April 17 2014 at the Novel Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
Subsequent performances:
Performance Hall of Cultural Bureau, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Zhongshan Auditorium, Taichung, Taiwan
DaTong Arts Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Watch the trailer:

Read review
CloudGate 2 | Spring Riot 2014

eDM  Floating Domain - Rehearsal
Huang Yi - Floating Domain Floating Domain


Choreography | Kristina Berger
Music | An Tôn Thât (Aaken)
Painting | Erin Parsch
Performer | Kristina Berger

Premiere on April 25th, 2014 at the Gershwin Hotel, New York, USA
Subsequent performances:
Peridance Capezio Center, New York, USA
Gatekeeper Museum, Lake Tahoe Dance Festival, Tahoe City, USA


Kristina Berger

The score for Untwisted, by Aaken is a sensuous, smoldering, wavering work sending the dancer and the watcher on a beautiful haunted journey that resolves in magical calm.”
Katherine Duke, Artistic Director of Erick Hawkins Dance Company


PLAY 2 PLAY (New Version) (2013)

Choreography | Jo Kanamori
Music | An Tôn Thât
Stage Design | Tsuyoshi Tane
Costumes | Yasuhiro Mihara / Kyoko Domoto
Presented by Noism 1

Dancers | Sawako Iseki, Satoshi Nakagawa, Megumi Mashimo, Emi Aoki, Yukio Miyahara, Ayaka Kamei, Leonardo Jin Sumita, Lin Yi Chen, Yuya Yoshizaki, Yuko Ishihara, Kana Ikegaya

Premiere on December 20, 2013 at the Ryutopia Performing Arts Center, in Niigata, Japan
Subsequent performances:
KAAT (Kanagawa Arts Theatre), Yokohama, Japan (2014)

Watch the digest:

For more info (click link to open):

Press Release (in Japanese)
Review by Naomi Mori for Bachtrack 

PLAY 2 PLAY - Sawako _MG_4362_MG_3747 _MG_3921PLAY 2 PLAY - program
Before performance 2
Before Performance 5
Before Performance


Shadow of Sound (2013)

Choreography | Huang Yi
Music | An Tôn Thât
Presented by Nimbus Dance Company

Performers | Elena Valls, Darwin Black, Shen Yi-Wen, Lin Li-Chuang, Fana Tesfagiorgis

Premiere on February 15th 2013 at the Ailey CitiGroup Theater, New York, USA
Subsequent performance:
NTUA (National Taipei University of the Arts), Global Dance Summit, Taipei, Taiwan (2014)

Shadow of Sound Shadow of Sound (2)



Double Yellow Line (2012)

Choreography & Concept | Huang Yi
Music | An Tôn Thât
Set Design & Light | Huang Yi

Performers | Huang Yi,  Hu Chien, An Tôn Thât

Premiere on September 27th 2012 at the National Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan
Subsequent performance:
Internationale Tanzmesse, Schauspielhaus-Central, Düsseldorf, Germany (2014)

Watch the trailer:

Huang Yi & Hu Chien SONY DSC SONY DSC

Read Review


Oneness / Just (2011)

Choreography & artistic direction| Sheu FangYi
Music | Tôn Thất An
Lighting Design | Shen Po-Hung
Chair design | Guo Si-Min
Costumes | Sheu FangYi, WOW BRAVO & FUNKY RAP

Performers | Sheu FangYi, Sara Silva, Yuki Wu, Chien Ching-Ying, Cheng Yu-Jung, Lin Shao-Ting, Yang Ning, He Jian-Ming, Liu Wei-Ting

Premiere on December 3rd 2011 at the Macau Cultural Center, Macau.

Sheu Fang Yi FangYi Dancers



Les Contes d’Hoffmann  ホフマン物語 (2010)  

Choreography & artistic direction| Jo Kanamori
Music | Tôn Thất An
Costumes | Yuichi Nakashima
Light design | Jo Kanamori

Dancers | Sawako Iseki, Aiichiro Miyagawa, Satoshi Nakagawa, Akihiko Nagano, Megumi Mashimo, Takuya Fujisawa, Yoshimitsu Kushida, Izumi Fuji, Kei Ushiroda, Aoi Keimi, Leonardo jin Sumita

Musicians for the recording | Tôn Thât An: piano, orchestration, percussion, celeste, electronics,vocals, spoken voices | Isabelle Thomas: soprano, spoken voices | Satoshi Masaki: flute | Koji Yoda: violin | Gan Guo, Allen Yeh: erhu | Alex Cheung: violin |  Stephen Houser: cello | Wendy Wan, Alice Lin: violins | Julia Chen: viola | Pei-Yian Wei: cello | Christophe Saunière: harp |

Premiere on July 16th 2010 at the Ryutopia Performing Arts Center, in Niigata, Japan.
Subsequent performances:
Shizuoka Performing Art Center, Shizuoka (2011)

Watch the trailer:

Hoffmann act 1 Hoffmann act 2

Hoffmann act 2-3

Second Skin

Concept & artistic direction| Huang Yi
Costume | Yang Tu-Teh
Interactive installation | Wang Chung Kung
Music | Tôn Thất An
Performers | Cheng Hsin-I, Morgan Lugo, Courtney Lopes, Hu Chien, Chang Chien-Hao

Premiere on November 12th 2010 at the CloudGate Studio, Taipei, Taiwan

Watch 2 digests of ‘Second Skin’:

Symphony Project (2010)

Choreography, concept and artistic direction| Huang Yi
Interactive sound installation | Chung-Kung Wang
Music | Tôn Thất An
Co-produced and presented by the DigitalArtCenter

Premiere on December 2nd 2010 at the Red House Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

Subsequent performances (with CloudGate II):
Metropolitan Hall, Taipei Cultural Center, Taipei
Jhungshan Auditorium, DA DUN Cultural Center, Taichung
Chih Teh Hall, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung

Mechanical violin prototype DSC07338

Chuyện kể những chiếc giày (
Story of the Shoes) (2010)

Artistic director| Tân Loc
Choreographers | Tân Loc, Noriko Kureo, John Huy Trân, Ngoc Khai, Tô Nhu, Thanh Phuong, Thuy Chi, Minh Tam
Music | Tôn Thất An
Production | Arabesque Company

Premiere on August 3rd, 2010 at the HCMC Opera House, Saigon, Vietnam

Story of the shoes 3

Cabaret Jaune Citron (2010)

Book | Stéphane Ly Cuong
Music | Christine Khandjian & Tôn Thât An
Lyrics | Stéphane Ly-Cuong & Christine Khandjian
Stage direction | Stéphane Ly-Cuong
Production | Paris-Broadway-Saigon

Performers | Isabelle Lardin-Huyn, Thibault Durand, Emiko Minakuchi, Maiko-Eva Verna

Premiere on June 14th 2010 at the Théâtre du Petit Saint-Martin, Paris, France
Subsequent performances: 
Vingtième Théâtre, Paris, France (2013)
L’Auguste Théâtre, Paris, France (2014/2015)

Watch the trailer:

Review (in French)

Affiche-Cabaret-Jaune-Citron-medium CJC 2 - FT

 (Auntie) (2008) 

Book | Yu-Guo
Music | Tôn Thât An
Director | Yu-Guo & Liu Liang-Yen
Choreography | Yi-ching Liao
Costumes |Lee Yu-Shen
Production | Theatre Company of LeeQingZhao the Private

Performers: Pan Lili, Leong H.Y. Faye, Jasmine Wang, Chiu Chi Hon, Chien Wei Wu

Premiere on July 17, 2008 at the Nanhai Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan.
Subsequent performances:
National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan.

Auntie 阿姨 was revised and restaged in Beijing in 2009 by the Rainbow Theater Kung ChongThe Central Academy of DramaBeijing, China
Haidian Theatre Beijing, China

Visit the company’s website (click link below to open tab):
Theatre Company of LeeQingZhao the Private

Auntie new poster 拷貝 Auntie I

Print Print

Play 2 Play – Interfering Dimension 

Choreography | Jo Kanamori
Music | Tôn Thât An
Stage Design | Tsuyoshi Tane
Costumes | Yasuhiro Mihara
Light Design | Akira Yamaguchi & Jo Kanamori

Dancers | Sawako Iseki, Naoya Aoki, Aiichiro Myiagawa, Shintaro Hirahara, Nami Sato, Nobuko Takamara, Yuki Yamada, Ayako Nakano, Yuta Ishikawa, Emi Aoki, Risa Kojima

Musicians for the recording | Tôn Thât An: Piano, percussion, electronics, vocals | Isabelle Thomas: soprano, voices | Christophe Boissière: cello | Nicolas Gerbier: percussion | Christophe Saunière: harp | Prism Quartet |

Premiere on April 20, 2007 at the Ryutopia Theatre, Niigata, Japan.
Subsequent performances :
Shizuoka Performing Art Center, Shizuoka
Theatre 1010, Tokyo

1300PL~1 0591PLAY2PLAY

Sur le Fil 

Choreography | Gang Peng
Music | Tôn Thât An
Costumes | Gille Dufour
Lights | Rémi Nicolas & Philippe Gelin
Assistant to Gang Peng | Marjolaine Zurfluh
Production | Compagnie Gang Peng
Presenter | Festival Cités-Danse

Performers | Jean Yves Castillo, Amelle Aoudia, Rachid Chabi, Maëlle Desclaux, Vincent Simon
Puppeteers | Elise Vigneron, Morana Dolenc

Premiere on January 27, 2007, at the Théâtre Jean Vilar in Suresnes, France.
Subsequent performances :
Théâtre de Charleville-Mézière, Charleville-Mézière, France
Théâtre Louis Aragon, Tremblay-en-France, France.

GANG PENG -001581 Sur le Fil

Gang Peng

Nina’s Hidden Glass (2006)

Choreography | Simon Williams
Music | Tôn Thât An
Decors | Wenn-Kee Hsu
Costume | Nicolas Candas
Production | Swatt Company
Presenter | Resolution Dance Festival

Performers | Kristina Berger, Nikola Müller, Isabelle Thomas

First presentation as a work in progress in summer 2005 at the Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, France.
Premiere on January 12, 2006 at The Place, Robin Howard Dance Theatre in London, UK.
Subsequent performances:
The Arc, Stockton-on-Tees, UK
The Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan  


Kristina Berger - Nina's Hidden Glass

NINA – materialize sacrifice 

Choreography | Jo Kanamori
Music | Tôn Thât An
Costumes | Ai Kanamori
Decors | Dan Sunaga
Light Design | Jo Kanamori

Dancers | Sawako Iseki, Yasutake Shimaji, Naoya Aoki, Satoko Takahashi, Nami Sato, Ayako Nakano, Shintaro Hirahara, Yuki Yamada

Musicians for the recording | Tôn Thât An: piano, percussion, electronics, vocals | Christophe Boissière: cello | Isabelle Thomas: soprano | Christophe Saunière: harp | Nicolas Gerbier: percussion | Prism Quartet |

Watch the trailer:

Premiere on November 25, 2005 at the Ryutopia Theatre, Niigata in Japan.
Subsequent performances :
Aubade Hall, Toyama
Theater Drama City, Osaka
Sapporo Education and Culture Hall, Sapporo
New National Theater, Tokyo
Sendai Civic Auditorium, Sendai.
Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile (2007)
SESC Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil (2007)
Joyce Theater, New York, USA (2007)
The Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago, USA (2007)
Meyerhold Center, during the 7th Chekkhov International Theatre Festival, Moscow, Russia. (2008)
Kennedy Center, during the Japan Festival, Washington D.C, USA (2008)
Power Center for the Performing Arts, Ann Arbor, USA (2008)
LG Art Center, Seoul, South Korea (2009)
The Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama, Japan (2009) 

Chiang-Kai Shek National TheatreTaipei, Taiwan (2009)
Maison de la Culture du Japon , Paris, France (2010)

“NINA materialize sacrifice, choreographed by [Noism 07’s director] Jo Kanamori, is set to a layered, compelling score by Ton That An | Claudia La Rocca, New York Times

“A sparse but passionate score by Vietnamese-French composer Ton That An augments this meditation on dominance and control” | Laura Molzahn, The Chicago Reader

“Ton That An’s layered score maintains a forward momentum with trip-hop–y rhythms and a mix of acoustic and digital sounds.”  | Asimina Chremos, Time Out Chicago
Nina-official-4-7e826 Nina-official-1-842a7 Nina-official-5-2a258 DSC01946 DSC01964

Read Reviews:
Click on name to open)

Asahi Shinbum
The Ann Arbour Observer
The Performing Arts Journal
The Metro Times, Washington


NINA – Prototype (2005)

Choreography| Jo Kanamori
Music | Tôn Thât An
Set design| Dan Sunaga
Presenter: Festival no・mad・ic project

Performer | Sawako Iseki

Premiere on August 10th 2005, at the Meguro Persimmon Hall, Tokyo, Japan



Choreographer | Cody Choi
Music | Tôn Thât An
Costumes | Sally Yeung
Lighting designer | Maggie Ho-Ki Kwan
Presenter | ROH2 , New Currents

Dancers | Karol Cysewski, Eleanor McDonald, Fung-Yi Liu

Premiere on June 28, 2005 at the Royal Opera House, London, UK.  



Salomé (2005)

Playwright | Oscar Wilde
Stage director | Maria Cristina Madau
Stage design | Licia Lucchese
Paintings | Jean Marie Barotte
Set design painting & sculptures | Licia Lucchese & Maria Cristina Madau
Costumes | Alejandra Di Andia & Lucia Lucchese
Lighting | Jean Luc Chanonat
Music | An Ton That
Assistant to stage director |  Tonia Galievsky
Production | Alambic production
Coproduction with l’Onde – Espace culturel de Vélizy-Villacoublay

Performers | Hérode: Wolfgang Kleinertz | Salomé: Edith Vernes | Iokanaan: Karim Bouziouane | Herodias: Tonia Galievsky | Le jeune Syrien: Tigellin Xavier Valery | Le page d’Herodia: Jean-Paul Sermadiras | Soldat / un Juif musicien: Vincent Sermonne |  Deuxième soldat: Montassar Ben Alaya | Live musician: An Ton That

Premiere on February 4th 2005 at L’Onde – Espace Culturel de Vélizy-Villacoublay, France

Watch the trailer:

salome salome1 salome2 salome5 salome7 salome18



Choreography| Kristina Berger
Music| Tôn Thât An
Production | Swatt

Performers | Kristina Berger, Simon Williams, Angela Paul, Nikola Müller, Cécile Bushidi

Premiere on January 18, 2004 at the Maison des Métallos, Paris, France.
Subsequent performances:
The Arc, Stockton-on-Tees, UK (2006)


Choreography | Haruka Bando
Music | Tôn Thât An

Premiere on July 8, 2003, at the Nihonbashi Theatre, Tokyo, Japan


W.H.A. (2003)

Choreographer | Régine Chopinot
Music | Tôn Thât An
Costumes | Jean-Paul Gaultier
Lightings | Maryse Gautier
Stage design | Jean Michel Bruyère
Co-Production with Théâtre de la Ville – Paris

Performers | John Bateman, Régine Chopinot, Steven Cohen, Alexandre del Perugia, Do Hoang Thi Ngoc, ELU, Virginie Garcia, Nguyên Thanh Tung, Claire Servant
Premiere on January 29th, 2004 at the Chapelle Fromentin, La Rochelle, France.
Subsequent performances:
Théâtre de Cornouaille, Quimper, France
Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, France  


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Tung 2 Régine watching and directing Régine et Jean Paul 1 John sitting Empty stage Elu Culotte de Jean Paul Gaultier


Dom Juan (2003)

Playwright | Molière
Stage Director | Jean-José Rieu
Stage Design | Sun Sun Yip
Assistant to the stage director | Erwann Créac’h
Lights | Philippe Lacombe
Costumes | Valériant Saint-Val-Hugues et Sohrab Kashanian
Music | An Ton That
Choreography | Sandra Honoré

Performers | Thomas Cerisola, Nicolas Liautard, Eddie Chignara, Elodie Cotin

Premiere at the Scène Watteau, Nogent sur Marne, France
Subsequent performance
Théâtre Jacques Prévert, Aulnay-sous-Bois, France

Hyménée, ou les contrariétés du mariage

Playwright | Nicolai Gogol
Stage Director | Nicolas Liautard
Scenography & Costume | Nicolas Liautard
Lights | Frédéric Perrenec
Music | An Ton That
Production | La Nouvelle Compagnie

Performers | Jean-Yves Broustail, Eddie Chignara, Jean-Christophe Herbeth, Véronique Hubert, Vincent Wallez, Yves Chambert-Loir, Jacky Torcol, Ariane Dionysopoulos

Premiere at the Théâtre des Amandiers, Nanterre, France, 2000
Subsequent performances

Sudden Théâtre, Paris
Palais des Arts, Nogent-sur-Marne
Théâtre de Montauban, Montauban


Quartett (1998)

Playwright | Heiner Müller
Stage Director | Jean-Renaud Leloup & Fabrice Lods
Lights | Jean-Philippe Corrigou
Music | An Ton That
Sound Design | Fabrice Boboeuf
Photography | François Rousseau
Production | Compagnie “La Meute”

Performers | Jean-Renaud Leloup, Léa Vallier

Premiere on September 1st 1998, at the Théâtre du Guichet Montparnasse, Paris




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