Yet Untitled | Ryuichi Sakamoto async short film competition

An Tôn Thất’s short film Yet Untitled has been finished right in time for the submission deadline of the Ryuichi Sakamoto async short film international competition, on September 30th at midnight!
The winner will be announced on December 15th 2017. All films will be watched and viewed by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul who collaborated with Sakamoto on the video installations for the album. The winner’s film will feature in the DVD / Blu-ray edition of Sakamoto’s async.

Yet Untitled was shot in Saigon, Vietnam as well as Taipei. The experimental film is a visual stream of consciousness of a little boy who finds shelter in his imagination on the rooftop of an old building, where he has hints of what has been, could be, what he will perhaps become…
The tone of the film was also influenced by the walls of the old buildings where it was shot, the stories they keep and the spirits that still inhabit them.

Yet Untitled

Sùng A Lùng (dancer)
Chia-Yi Hsu (young woman)
Tien-Yao Yang (young man)
Lex Chiu (little boy)

Written and directed by An Tôn Thất
Cinematography | An Tôn Thất, Amandine Dubois
Editing | Amandine Dubois
Production assistant (Saigon) | Kỳ-Nam Thạch
Additional shooting (Yilan) | Zed Wang
Music | Ryuichi Sakamoto (‘ZURE’, ‘adanta’ from the album ‘async’)
Shot in Saigon, Taipei, Hong Kong, YiLan and Da Lat.








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